Thursday, May 15, 2014

#BalsamicVinaigrette: Becoming Social with Social Media & Introducing #recipes

Truth be told, I was a little leery of Social Media. I never doubted its place; I simply didn’t see my place in it. As a bystander to strangers’ diatribes on the subway about who tweeted what to whom, or gossip amongst family and friends about some new event, or embarrassing behavior someone was up to on Facebook, I never really felt as if I was nearly exciting enough to have any valid expression on the internet.
What I’m saying is, I JUST got rid of my flip phone, and even then, that was promulgated by the desire for a contraction counter app, and a new camera to take pictures of our arriving Baby. The camera takes great pictures, like the one above; however, I did manage to read the contraction counter incorrectly on the day I went in to labor, by about 4 minutes, by the by.

Never saying NEVER, I recently shocked and awed family members and friends by joining Facebook. Becoming reacquainted with loved ones felt so reassuring, I then joined Instagram.

With Instagram, I’ve discovered a kitchy knack and admiration for the hashtag story telling. So much so that I’ve started “gramming” quick recipes that anyone could follow through hashtags. Initially, I thought that I’d only share them on Instagram.  
Then again, what is social media for, if but to share, like, retweet, regram, follow, forward, then share again.  

For my first #recipe, I’ll try to convince the reluctant that making your own salad dressing gives not only the best bang for your buck, but incredible satisfaction in the kitchen!
Start with this #BalsamicVinaigrette

Oh, before I forget …
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#BalsamicVinaigrette: Becoming Social with Social Media

With love from Instagram @bonappegeechee
Yield: The below recipe is for 2 cups; however, be flexible.  Simply follow proportions and adjust.

Get the idea? Well, here’s the recipe in hashtags:
#saladdressing#vinaigrette: 1 part #balsamicvinegar2 parts #evoo2 tsps #brownsugar#kosciuszkomustard1 tbsp #mincedgarlica #pinchofsandp#shakeshakeshake#salad#yum#veggie#vegan#brooklynkitchen#thecosmos@bonappegeechee

Since this is our first time hashtagging recipes together, let’s break the instructions down for future reference.

Imagine you’re making 2 cups of salad dressing. The proportions would be ½ cup of balsamic vinegar to 1 ½ cup of extra virgin olive oil (#evoo), 2 tablespoons of both, brown sugar, and mustard. Any mustard would do. Dijon works best, but if there’s mustard named after your subway stop feel free to use it. One tablespoon of minced garlic, and a pinch of salt and pepper rounds out the recipe.
Mason jars are like good knives in the kitchen for me. I use them for everything, salad dressings in particular. Shake to combine, and there you go! If you’re mixing your dressing in a bowl, per my picture above, then replace your shakes with whisks. You get the idea.

Throw some fresh greens or an elaborate roasted vegetable or garden salad together, and there you have it, instant gratification in the kitchen!
As always, Enjoy!
xo, Bon Appégeechee


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