Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Baked Crispy Tortilla Chips

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Mexican food lives for garnishes. I love that! You are in control of adding umph to your meal. Quick and easy finishing touches can make a meal fun. Turn a tasty bowl of soup in to a smorgasbord of textures and flavors.

One of the toppings offered with our Shrimp Pazolé Verde are these crispy tortillas.

Keeping it Real Disclosure:
We have also prepared these crispy strips fried in a shallow pour of vegetable oil in a heavy bottom pan (like a cast iron skillet). They’re just as crunchy, just as delicious.  However, baked, they're healthier with less clean-up!


Baked Crispy Corn Tortilla Strips

Yield: 2+ servings depending on the size of your crowd. Estimate ½ - 1 tortilla per person being served

The Method: The Ingredients

corn tortillas
heavy bottom cast iron pan or baking sheet
sprinkle of kosher salt (optional)

The Madness: The Assembly

Preheat oven to 425˚

Depending on the number of people you’re serving, remove the tortillas from their package and stack them to be prepared. Slice the tortillas across in half, and then slice each half in to ½” strips. Place those strips on to a baking sheet.
Be sure that the strips have enough room to breathe. Spread them out in to a single layer. You may have to roast them in batches if you’re prepping for a sizable crowd. Keep an eye on them, bake until they are crispy and golden brown, approximately 7 – 10 minutes. Toss the strips half way through baking to ensure even baking.

As always, Enjoy!
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