Monday, September 24, 2012

Watermelon Smoothie


Full Disclosure: I’m not a very good morning person (cough: understatement). OK, I’m a big girl, I stand tall in my truth. I’m a veritable a.m. beast. I maintain a personal protocol to apologize in advance to anyone I maintain any sort of consistent “before noon” communication with. I do have manners. With slurred words, and a boggled mind, my relationship with weekday mornings is comical. As a teenager, my morning demeanor was hard on my parents, both of whom thrive with predawn energy. Luckily, my sister inherited the morning gene from me. We’ve always made a formidable team!
What I am, is very good at knowing myself. 

If I’m inherently not a morning person. I do everything organizationally to start each day on as much as an upswing as I can. It’s best for everyone, believe me.  Because I don’t leave much time between releasing the snooze button and the start of my morning commute, I make energizing, portable, convenient breakfast smoothies to keep me positive and healthy before noon.  Easy to make, versatile to your favorite flavors, rich, creamy, nutritiously addicting; smoothies rock!

This summer’s favorite: The Watermelon Smoothie.  The gift that keeps on giving, one medium seedless watermelon sliced, diced and stored in the freezer supplies weeks worth of fresh fruit.
At least once each week you’ll find me blending and swearing by a couple quarts of frozen seasonal fruit or vegetables to help round out the tough edges of morning. Breakfast, energy revitalizer, and healthy!

Whatever works, right?!?

With Fall in tow, a new reign of autumn fruits and vegetables have arrived.

Onward to new and refreshing smoothies.

Saying goodbye to summer is never easy, I want to do so by paying homage to this summer’s favorite breakfast elixir.

I’ll miss you, sweet refreshing Watermelon Smoothie! Until next summer, Adieu.
watermelon smoothie-001

Makes 1-1/2 quarts

The Method

1/8 cup of flax seeds
4 cups of largely diced frozen watermelon pieces
(already macerated in the brown sugar, lime zest and lime juice the
melon pieces fit comfortably into quart-sized freezer bags)
1-1/2 cups frozen strawberries
2 frozen bananas, peeled
2 Tablespoons of brown sugar
1 Tablespoon grated fresh ginger
1 lime, zest and juice
1 1/2 – 18oz. cans of coconut water

The Madness
(Hope you have a blender!)

I’ve realized that instead of this being a traditional recipe, its more of process, a dialog if you will (if you’re out there and with me, speaking to your computer screen) with a recipe.

Hellooooo, is this thing on?!?!? Here it goes.

Keeping it real disclosures: If I’ve said it once, consider it now being said twice: layer dry ingredients before adding fruit and liquid into blender.  This makes for a more even textured drink in my opinion.  Secondly, freeze your bananas.  I’ll by a batch of on sale under ripened bananas just to have them sit for a few days to toss into the freezer. If you like your smoothies lusciously thick, use ripened to over ripe FROZEN BANANAS. Oh, and one more thing, add liquid in batches.  Blend for a minute or two, take a pause to check flavor and consistency, add more liquid. You’ll possibly have to take a few pauses to make sure all of the frozen fruit pieces are rotating enough to become well blended into your smoothie. Use that time to add more and more coconut water to your liking.

The day I brought the watermelon home, I did myself the favor of breaking the watermelon down, cutting the fruit away from the rind and into large chunks.  I tossed the fruit pieces into a large bowl. To the fruit I added the two tablespoons of brown sugar, grated ginger, zest and juice of one (1) lime. I packed the watermelon into quart sized freezer bags. Each bag pegged for one batch of smoothie.

When its time to make breakfast for the week, I simply take a bag of prepared frozen melon, frozen strawberries and bananas, coconut water, and flax seeds over to the blender. In no time at all, I have breakfast or a midafternoon snack for days! Easy I tell you! You’ll wonder how you’ve made it this far without this addition to your morning routine.

I’m telling you! The anticipation of this smoothie alone is enough to cut two hits off of your snooze button.

xo, Bon Appégeeche​e!

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